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Wednesday, April 05, 2006



hey here's how pathetic i am. when my girlfriend goes out at night, leaving me at home, as she did last night, i often feel this weird urge to do something to assert my uh 'masculinity' in some way. its stupid. last night i was tempted to get drunk and watch the football, but i couldn't be bothered. so i decided to get drunk while listening to ghettotech really loudly instead. andrea parker's brand of ghettotech, showcased on the 'nobody's perfect' compilation of singles she has released on her label, touchin' bass, is odd, and engagingly so. there's no sex in this music, not even dirty, unsensual sex. instead, its a dead-eyed faceless BOOOOOM and that's pretty much it, bar fantastically rickety 808 snaps and the odd, half-hearted mutterings about 'freaky bitches' and the like. unlike the haunted bass meditations of dubstep, the 'touchin bass' bass is a sleek, gun-metal grey mechanical hum, like the wiley-bass pitched down into the fathoms. there's not much soul here, not much at all: the emphasis is firmly on the 'tech'. but my word, its strangely addictive, listening to this steady robot grind.

for some reason this music reminds me of hospitals. albeit very dark, echoey hospitals. more surgical than Surgeon.

and, yeah, its good to get drunk to.

perhaps because of the stupid drunkeness, however, i was kept up most of the night with excruciating stomach cramps. fire in my belly, and not in a good way. as a result, i was feeling delicate today, and whenever i feel truly delicate, some fluffy prog-house from James Holden is about all i can stomach. yeah prog-house is a dirty word, but some times only shamelessly epic warm-bath synth washes and mammoth break downs will do. everything in its right place. when things are obvious, they are also comforting. james holden does this kind of stuff well, because in most places he's just close enough to the cologne neo-trance style for you to forget that, well, yr really listening to prog-house, and to pretend that yr listening to some trendy hipster music instead. but stupid hipsterish concerns aside, 'Balance 005' is a genuinely great record. so yeah, seamless mixing and sequencing, yada yada yada, but that stuff's not so important. what's good about this record is that is sounds like, to quote nathan fake, the sky is pink (big up nathan fake for the best, most perfectly accurate track title ever!). and, to take this a bit further, pretty much all the tracks here sound like coming up, under a pink sky, on stereotypically amazing drugs. which helped, today, to calm my fragile body and my bruised synapses.


Blogger Robert said...


dumbass question from an outsider/farawayer.....

ghetto-tech? is that what some of us wld call dub-step???? ala Kode 9 or the new Paul Meme mix (u heard that?...if not, do so)

12:40 AM  
Blogger simon silverdollar aka Fassy Breed said...

hi robert,
ghettotech as i understand it is a heavily electro influenced detroit techno/hiphop hybrid sound: the stuff that dj assault puts out. so its quite different from dubstep (it comings from the other side of the atlantic for one thing) but has similar obsession with bass.

andrea parker is a UK dj and producer who puts out ghettotech-y records, although her label's sound tends to lean a bit more towards the techno side of things than dj assault or dj godfather.

i'm no expert on this stuff tho.

1:50 AM  

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