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Friday, June 30, 2006



wow, i can't stop listening to that roll deep set. the entourage is on fire at the moment. a few months ago they were flirting with dubstep as a (very heavy) counterweight to the liveliness of the eski sound. but now they seem settled in a unique half way house, bobbing around between the kinetics of grime and wobbly lurch of dubstep. karnage and maxi-priest going back to back, playing god knows what by god knows who. they've actually being playing bits and bobs of this dark and dense grime-dubstep hybid stuff for a while- it's not all that new- but sunday night's set really brought it home for me that a new sound has emerged. a sound big on the squealchily aquatic- one track even feautured layers of gurgling 303s. it's all a far cry from the brittle snap of the grime sound of only 2 years ago. things move on, bit by bit, and without noticing it yr in another place entirely...
biggest track of the set for me is that re-fix they do of daniel bedingfield's 'gotta get through this'. i only realised they nicked the bassline of him the other day, despite it being caned on the pirates for many months. it shouldn't work but it does, mightily, with the bassline pitched down and fuzzed up, and with its skip reduced to a stagger. huge track.

skepta's MCing was also a big revelation in a set that pretty much banished much of my pessimism about grime. As i said the other day, he really is up there with sharkey major and d double now. he's always had the lyrics, but now he's got this nervy urgency as well. flicking between his best known lines, quoting himself and others, skepta's so quick and dextrous that i might even prefer listening to him than D double at the moment. flow-dan was also on the set, and was typically great. it's a horrible turn of phrase, perhaps, but he really is a true professional. he knows what he's doing and it's never a let down.

unlike slew dem, who turned up towards the end of roll deep's set (well, chronik and tempa did anyway), and showed what a huge gulf separates them from the likes of roll deep, ruff sqwad, newham generals and may be south agents too. neither tempa nor chronik can MC, they ruin every set they're on, and they're on radio perhaps more than any other crew. not good for grime. i don't understand why they don't get a really rough time of it in the press and on messageboards, but there we go.
on a different note, i went to the best indian restaurant last night. it's called kastoori and it's in tooting. you really should go there. it's really cheap, and does really great, and very unusual (for a UK indian) food. i went to the waterside inn the other day and i'd say that the food at kastoori was actually better than at that 3 micheline starred place.


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