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Tuesday, July 04, 2006



after a month or so of dismissing it as a nice bit of sparkliness, but nothing more, this morning i suddenly fell head over heels in love with 'the warning'. i don't know what prompted this shift in my affections, but it's all gone a bit crazy. i've listened to it 4 times today and i ain't even done yet.

looking back, it all seems so obvious that this was the album for me. hazes and penumbras of talking heads, chicago house, Opiate-ish plinky-plippy electronics, 2-step, selected ambient works, all abound and bound around. what i love about it, i think, is that 'the warning' sounds like dance music falling blissfully asleep on a sunny afternoon, and that's exactly what i want to do right now, and what i want music to sound like right now. dancing in a (lucid, aphex-ish) daydream is a nice idea, and hot chip do it more than well.

at first i couldn't really get past his voice, the feyness of it. but i was wrong and really it's beautiful and floaty. he sings about birds flying around at some point and that's very appropriate. i remember syd barrett sounding like this, but i might have made that up? i like those bits where he softly breathes 'oh' like a lullaby-version of James Brown's percussive grunts and 'urghs'. he has a lovely 'oh'.

i'd love to see them live- i imagine, i hope, that those occasional bursts of electro keyboards are built up, and the skittery beats amped up, and the album changes into dancefloor killers. that MUST be what happens, surely...

i'd also love to hear robag wruhme remix some of these tracks. that'd be a lot of fun, i think- the two's shared love of both fidgety busy-ness and unashamedly romantic pulls at yr mdma heartstrings could mean some beautiful music. so get on it please, robag.

thanks to The Special One (the one that's my friend Louisa and not Jose Morinho) for getting me, as they say, 'hip' to Hot Chip.


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