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Wednesday, August 23, 2006



today i was given the key to the land of milk and honey, the city of god, and the promised land. as the gates opened i sighed, finally at peace, with all my dreams standing there before me.

but let us be serious. what happened is this: i got a password for the kompakt press site. this is an amazing place, where you can download lots of kompakt stuff for free. it also makes me feel very smug and superior, so feel free to give me a good kicking when you next see me. right in the kidneys if you please...

UNCANNY!...the first track i downloaded off the site was steadycam's 'kidney issues', on kompakt bliss-house-disco sublabel K2. my mum was hospitalised for a year with kidney problems when she was 14, subsisting solely on lucozade (they should use her story for adverts). hence, i've always had a certain interest in the renal system. and steadycam's ode is indeed enlightening. wood blocks echo through like smoke rings, and there's the best one note bassline since brutalga square...or even j-sweet's 'gutter', if you remember that one. (why do so many producers make it difficult for themselves? all you need is one note!!). then half way through steadycam throws a kink and a wonk into it, letting the track stumble face down before hoiking it back up again.

over and over. like monkey with a minature symbol ( i like to think it's that spelling they intended. sounds a bit more sinister innit).

'kidney issues' doesn't do the hyperactive fizziness that's big in this post-eulberg + wighnomy world, nor the overwhelmed emotion of the lindstrom neo-disco lot. rather, it's more like a poker flat record- happily industrious music, steadily building up the pieces, with just a hint of brooding darkness. music for even keels and fine sailing. (sorry, i don't even know what that means...)

the other track, 'dull in minor' lives up to its title. it's clunky and has no charm. let us not speak of it again.

i'm going to limit myself to one kompakt release per night, to prevent gluttony spoiling the delights. i don't want to make myself sick on minimal-trance gorges. i'll keep you posted.


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