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Monday, September 11, 2006



for the past week i've mainly been in italy, with no internet access but lots of coffee. i was 'working', such as it is, and in periods like that, away from home with no stereo and no radio, the mp3 player takes on a new meaning; a comfort blanket, a snap-shot of home, a cold-shower to wake you up for a new strange day, a musical coffee and cigarette with which to reflect back over the day's adventures, a friend for cramped and frazzling plane and coach journeys.

or at least that's what it'd be used for as of a few weeks ago, but now things are different. i got a copy of joanna newsom's 'ys'. and, a little bit of techno aside, that's pretty much i've been listening to. and with this record, it seems wrong, vulgar even, to use it anyway- as a comfort blanket or a cold shower or anything else. or, rather, it's impossible to think about it in such instrumental terms. it's an overwhelming set of songs, a record that grabs you and throws you right into the middle of it. listening to it on headphones is perfect.

if you heard her first album and didn't like it, well, that doesn't matter. neither did i. but this is something else. truly, when people look back on this decade in decades to come, i think this one of the albums that they'll pick out. in my less hyperbolic moments, i think it's as good as , and as important as, Spiderland and Loveless. in my more hyperbolic moments, i'm going for Pet Sounds and Selected Ambient Works.

there is so much here; 5 songs unfurling like ribbons making the most beautiful, most delicate sculpture. the harp sounds like a kaleidoscope. i think the strings might sound like the ordered chaos of passing traffic. her voice is a raw nerve-synapse crackle, like i always want bjork to be. and soulful: tear jerkingly, gigglingly, joyously soulful.

i find it hard to process this record. again, there's so much here. it's like the most complicated and most simple record you've ever heard. it's neither happy nor sad. or may be it's both. but it feels more like it's its own world, a totality.
i'll be writing more about this soon. i think a lot of people will.


Blogger WOEBOT said...

ys=big rekord

10:55 AM  
Blogger throughsilver said...

Between what the pair of you have been saying, I should probably get hold of this.

Also, ta to WOEBOT. His passing reference in the Hot Chip review made me dig out - and appreciate more than I had before - Beta's Hot Shots II. Kudos on that one.

9:37 AM  
Blogger simon silverdollar said...

it's such a great record that i find it a little weird having heard it before it's, you KNOW there's going to be massive fuss made over this record, but for now it's like this little secret. i'm tempted to put up some mp3s or it, but that's not really ethical, is it?!

2:29 AM  

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