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Thursday, September 14, 2006



so wiley has snapped me out of my 'Ys' reveries. this evening i was listening to Ys in the supermarket and it was so nice to wander around the brightly coloured aisles to those songs i ended up spending way more time there than i needed to. weird, huh. oh, how...kooky. talking of which, Little Miss Sunshine is alright, but really all these vaguely alternative american family comedies -hello, You, Me and Everyone we know, hello the squid and the whale- are getting a bit boring, no? and worringly like the cinematic equivalent of The Big Chill.

anyway, i was snapped out of this drifting round the streets to the sounds of harps palaver. news that wiley's tunnel vision was now available for download on his myspace space came, BUT at the same time i got an e-mail from kompakt saying that the follow-up to Michael Mayer's MIGHTY 'Immer' mix was now available to download on the kompakt press site. The original Immer is often called the greatest, mos perfect, techno mix of all time, and deservedly so. i've got a pretty shit computer, getting shitter by the day, buried under viruses. so it takes me ages to download stuff...and so...THE CRISIS OF CHOICE! what to download tonight, immer 2 or tunniel vision 1?

i went for wileykat. first impressions can be unreliable things, but first up this sounds like perhaps the best full length CD to come out of grime. wiley sounds angry and urgent and the beats are nicely cohesive, all sparse and clanging. it's not pretty, but may be it's best to leave all that to ruff sqwad. instead, Tunnel Vision is all focus, focus, focus like only wiley can really do. oddly, the intensity of grime pirate shows hardly ever comes across on mixtapes- too often, MCs sound distracted, flitting between hip hop and grime. but on Tunnel Vision, wiley keeps things simple and it's all the better for it: it's not too different to a wiley pirate show, although it's a lot more polished, obviously, and there's no shouted phone numbers! only downeer of the CD for me is the pay as u go track, and that's only because it's so good that it makes me miss those days.


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