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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



last night a DJ wore a cravat. it was superpitcher, of course. the dandy's dandy. he looks a bit like i would if i really amped up the innate foppishness that i've been blessed/cursed with.
superpitcher and michael mayer took their 'supermayer' show on the road, doing some back to back business at London's T-bar, which is fast approaching legendary status, on account of it somehow managing to put on the biggest and best names out there (villalobos, ivan smagghe, luciano, dj koze etc) for free.
and the cavenous air conditioning system on the ceiling rattles along with the bass, which is kinda cool.

superpitcher was in an uber-oblique mood when we arrived, playing some of the most abstract techno i've heard- it sounded a bit like a CD player spewing out tiny bits of soft kompakt fluffiness at random. which i don't think it was. i think superpitcher's actually gone out and bought these crazy tunes. good man, although there was no way on earth that we could dance to it. after a while of all that enjoyable nonsense, michael mayer, the older head, sidled up to the decks to commence the back-to-back selection- after this,. superpitcher started to play nice, still plowing a more minimal, awkward furrow than Mayer, but boshing it out happily.

i've seen michael mayer DJ three times now, and this was the first time that i got my head round what he actually does when playing out. i'd always expected him to be nice and dreamy and kompakty. melancholic, misty cosiness for immer and all that. but he's really not at all like that as a club DJ. he just blows yr head off instead. stomping, lairy techno that i half-want to call 'funktional', but then that neologism just makes me feel a little bit ill. he played audion's 'mouth to mouth' (course he did), and sliced us up into little pieces with it, smashing the buzz that burns through the track into screaming noise. in fact, he played so much stuff that sounded and felt like 'mouth to mouth' that a good half hour of the night was spent with me on tenterhooks going, 'this is...this is...!', and then quickly realising that it wan't s audion time quite yet. still, that mouth to mouth sound seems to be the big one at the moment- a knobbly, wacca-wacca bassline and huge sheets of distortion creating vast spaces of gritted teeth, white-heat bliss/pain.

waiting for a night bus after leaving T-bar we wer approached by a homeless man who asked for money by doing some truly excellent deejaying. in a just world, he'd be a star to thousands. our night bus came, and we left without giving him any money, something i've felt guilty about all day.


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